Thursday, January 5, 2012

Horribly self-indulgent idea

Guys. I had a terrible, horrible, no-good, very self-indulgent fic idea on the way home from work the other night. A-and I wanna write it. So to keep from writing it, I shall talk about it. This makes sense, yes?

It's called
The Gestalt Games

The Autobots and Decepticons were too caught up in their war. They never planned to have to defend themselves, as a united front, against another race intent on taking them over as slaves. They thought themselves too strong, too superior, too technologically advanced. So when a race of techno-organics storms the universe and enslaves or kills most of them, they are unprepared to say the least.
Intrigued by the unique energy fluctuations and ties of the gestalt teams, these techno-organics create a gladiatorial maze ring for entertainment. The Gestalt Games.
Now these teams must survive the mindless games they've been pitied against, all while learning the true meaning of being a gestalt. Which for some, is harder than it seems.

The race of techno-organics that I had in mind is actually my technomages from Wish You Were Here. (cue the horribly self-indulgent part) It's an AU where the technomages win the war, Eorin survives to lead a still fractured council, and Haverick dies in the assault on the city. And I'd probably pull in a dual plot of both the gestalts in the games, and the technomage council attempting another coup out of the games. It would be very complex. But I love this idea so ♥

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Been a while huh?

It's been several months since my last update, and I can say that I've been sucked pretty thoroughly into the Transformers fandom. :3 I used to watch Armada back in middle school, but it was a causal thing. Then, after DOTM came out, I got sucked into the series like crazy! I've got several WIPs started so far, most of them full of kink. My gosh is this fandom full of kink! *faints* I love it though. The only issues I've had so far have been in wording choices to convey a more mechanical sense of being rather than an organic one. But at least all my HP angsty stuff has improved my writing style~

------------ unedited snippet of a WIP Please Don't Insist --------------

Prowl cornered First Aid in the hallway to the rec room. He had given the other mech a few Earth days to think about his proposal, and it was time to ask again.

His doorwings flared upwards as he stood in front of the young bot and First Aid twitched as Prowl cleared his vocalizer.

“Um, hello Prowl, sir.” the young medic said quickly. “How are you doing? Is your shoulder holding up well?” Blue optics locked onto said joint as if he would take it apart right there in the hallway if it was hurting the SIC.

Obligingly, Prowl rolled the shoulder joint in its socket, hearing the soft whirrs of the motion through the resonance of his frame. “The repairs you made yesterday were perfectly satisfactory.”  He was pleased to see the other bot so concerned with him as well. There had been a small chance the young medic would have been so unsettled by his request that Prowl would have been forced to have a confession with Ratchet about it. “I was wondering, though, if you had thought about my proposal from earlier.” His doorwings fluttered back and forth quickly in expectation of what First Aid would say in response.

First Aid shifted from foot to foot. “Well…um,” his vocalizer gave a soft whine and the mech averted his optics as he reset it. “I-I’m not really sure I’m qualified for something like that…and-”

Prowl cut him off as he stepped forward and into his sensor-net field. “That is a perfectly acceptable answer, First Aid.” He sent a soft wave of reassurance through the net. The other’s optics cut upwards swiftly. Blue spiraled wide – threatening to overcome the entire iris diaphragm. “I will simply have to find someone else who thinks they are qualified to do it. Maybe one of the human mechanics would be willing?” A calculated shrug of one shoulder was matched with a dismissive wing flick.

First Aid startled and Prowl deftly turned around, sliding on the edge of his foot smoothly. He only managed two steps before he felt a servo grab his arm and haul him backwards. Only turning his helm, he moved his left doorwing down and backwards so he could see the flustered face of First Aid. He raised a questioning optical ridge as the young bot just stood there holding his arm.

First Aid shifted again, as if embarrassed by his bold move. “Don’t do that, Prowl, sir.” His fingers tightened their hold for a moment before letting go. They brushed the bottom edge of Prowl’s doorwing as he pulled back, causing a sensornet spike that showed just how conflicted he was making the other mech. “Give me a few more solar cycles to think.”

It was thrown as a quiet, firm, statement. It was challenging Prowl, and the SIC was happy to let it in this situation. Nodding to show his acquiescence, he continued on his way.

His doorwings were flicking happy circles as he entered his office.


First Aid twitched as another bot entered the rec room. A quick glance as he shifted forward showed it was just Sideswipe, probably just coming in off shift for some energon. The realization didn’t cause the tension cables around his backstrut to release any however, or the tightness in the gears of his shoulders to ease.

Swallowing a quick mouthful of his energon, he un-subspaced the datapad he had brought with him and tried to relax. It had seemed like a good plan back in his room. Go the rec room, grab some energon his HUD was telling him was desperately needed, hide in a corner just populated enough that Prowl couldn’t corner him, and read a medical datapad for a while. What could go wrong with that?

Said plan failed as he focused in on the datapad. He had opened it to a random file on pure whimsy. Pure whimsy was now displaying a comprehensive layout of the main energon and electrical lines commonly found in Praxian helms.

He figured he could blame Prowl for the new dent in his helm as he let his head fall onto the table. Shuttering his optics, he crossed his arms in front of his head and cycled air furiously through his vents. This was too complicated. He just wanted to help everyone. But now… helping involved putting another mech into a critically threatening position and then helping them overload, and First Aid wasn’t sure exactly how that fit into his philosophy.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Prayer Flowers

So. Just got power back from it's week-long absence. I can honestly say the best part about it is that I don't have to use a flashlight to go to the bathroom anymore. Yay!
But the point of this isn't to expound upon the horrors, tribulations, or problems that I've encountered during the past week due to the rash of tornadoes that tore apart Alabama. It's to say tell you all about the wonderful new tidbit I discovered during my Tuesday morning expedition into angel mythology.

Sandalphon - Guardian Angel of Prayer
As he collects prayers, he converts them into crimson or purple flowers and they ascend to the Celestial City on the waves of light from his wings.

I mean, how cute is that? ♥ He collects prayers and wishes and turns them into flowers!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's stuff like this that pisses me off

Was browsing though the Naruto C2s on and came across this wonderful line of a summary:

"NO YAOI, but yuri permitted. All female pairings approved, harems welcome."

Why the HELL do you let yuri in, but not yaoi? Freaking hypocrites! And 'harems welcome'?
Ugh. ene People who run C2s like this piss me off. It's almost enough to throw me off a fandom.

Exucse me while I go attempt to cleanse my senses with some more tolerant writings.

Monday, May 10, 2010


"Why?" You ask? Well... I don't really have a good grasp on that yet. XD

It just kinda hit me Sunday while rewatching the Avatar movie since my mom hadn't seen it yet. I was sitting there going 'gee, I wonder if I could fic this?' And BAM! Naruto/Avatar popped into my head. (well, first Avatar/HP, but that failed, so I switched to Naruto)

The most random thing about this idea is that I have no desire to read any of the other Avatar/Naruto crossovers (of there are any). I just want to write this one because the idea keeps beating itself against my head.

[Beware rambling and nonsensicaly-ness ahead. This is a plot in progress]

The basic premise is that Naruto merged with Kyuubi back during the ninja wars. Due to this, he kinda became immortal. XD Years (and years, and years, and years) pass and Naruto - now Nathaniel - decides to go to Pandora.
At this point, Naruto is a very well respected young scientist. He has several degrees in various science/medical fields and is a top graduate from, like, Harvard or the equivalent.

Through some weird and screwy things I'm still playing around with, Naruto gets an avatar, but Kyuubi's conciousness moves into it permenantly.
The best idea I have for trying to do this is having Naruto get an avatar made, but when they go to field test him, it doesn't bond to his syanpses correctly (cause it molded after Kyuubi's). Then when Naruto stays behind and tries again, Kyuubi gets jerked into the body and takes off with it. Naruto can still take control of the avatar if he wants to because Kyuubi and Naruto are still mentally linked, but he doesn't do it nearly at all as a way to repay Kyuubi for helping him.

The People (cause I'm too lazy to look up how to spell Omanitakayo, or whatever) think Kyuubi is what they call "two-souled." In their beliefs, everyone is born twice, and the second time is when you become one of the People.

When Jake comes to Pandora several months/years later (still building a timeline to work with), Naruto has established his position as the weird science guy who hangs out in the back talking to himself and has way too much free time and talent (cause hey, several decades can do marvelous things to time managment and skill). Kyuubi has also established himself throughout the people as an (oh shoot, what are they called again)... Rider of Last Shadow. So, he's pretty bad-ass again.

Things play out kinda normal, only Kyuubi pops in occasionally to help train Jake's new body as a more sarcastic yet still kind teacher. Kyuubi likes to roam a lot, so he wasn't there in the very begining to meet Jake. He also pops in to stop the mating scene with (umm, what was the chick's name again?) chieftan's daughter.
Naruto helps around the compound and is pretty much out of the canon timeline until the escape scene (cause I couldn't really think of a plausible reason for him to move to Site 26 with the others). The he escapes with them and helps to get to Eywa.
Kyuubi gets called in telepathically by Naruto and they make a grand entrace on Last Shadow. They fail to save scientist lady again, and then Jake starts his talk. Kyuubi buts in with the 'and thell them Rider of Last Shadow says to gather.'
Boom, boom and they save Pandora.

I haven't decided yet exactly what I want to happen to Jake. Does he get together with Naruto? Or with Kyuubi? Rrg. Once I figure that out, I'll know if I should kill off Jake's body or not.

Comments are completely welcome! ♥ I'm still building the plot and events for the most part, so any input may actually end up as a major plot point! XDD

Friday, February 19, 2010

Nobody can really mean Somebody

So I was playing around with the idea of Nobody the other day and came up with two new possible plot ideas. It all started with this little dribble I kinda just bled out the other night.

“Nobody would ever like you.”
“I do”
“Nobody would ever want you.”
“I do”
“Nobody could ever love you.”
“I do”

From there, things just kinda rambled into what is a nobody? And then my mind began whirling and things started clicking together into random pictures. I evetually came up with two different plots for this. One in the Kingdom Hearts universe, and one in the Naruto universe.


Nobody - If nobody loved him, that was fine, because the other boy was a nobody. AxelRoxas, RikuSora

Sora and Roxas are brothers who move to a new school after their old one kicks them out for fighting. The first day there they set up a reputation for not taking abuse from anyone. This piques the interest of the local gang and they set out to figure out what makes these two boys so special.


Naruto’s a nobody who just moved into town. Gaara is the school psycho. What happens when one boys asks the question that Gaara doesn’t want to hear? GaaNaru

“You freak!” the boy covered his eye, trying desperately to stop the blood that poured out of the cut on his head. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing! You cut me!”
The red head raised a nonexistent eyebrow. “You were in the way.” he said smoothly.
“You’re messed up! What type of person would ever care about you!?” The boy stood up and balanced against a wall to keep the pressure off of his broken leg.
“Nobody! That’s who! You’re just a punk that’s gonna get a taste of his own soon! Just watch!” the boy stumbled out onto the sidewalk and limped as fast as he could towards the hospital.
Gaara stepped out in front of the boy quickly. “Never insult me.” he said as he slid the blade in his hand into the boy’s chest, piercing the heart and killing him. He looked in disgust as the body fell to the floor. ‘Worthless.’ He wiped the blade on a clean spot on the boy’s torn up jeans. ‘Nobody can hurt me.’


As you can see, there isn't much yet on either of these plots, and I am somewhat reluctant to start another shaky plot when I have so much going on right now. I will probably come back to this later though; it's such an interesting idea.

If anyone would like to use either of these plots, feel free. You can take what you like, or if you comment on this post, I'll send you what little more I have typed out for these two.

Comments from the peanut gallery? Which one seems better/less likely to fall on it's face?


Fireplace Sneezes : HP fic preview

This is a snippet from an HP plot that I recently unearthed from the depths of my fanfiction writing folder. XD It's kinda scary in there sometimes.

So, it's been tentativly titled "Fireplace Sneezes" and it's an epic HP crossed with HP crossed with HP fic. XD I'm not even kidding. I have no idea what I was thinking when I planned this out, but I still love the idea.

So basically:

We have Harry James Potter #1. In his timeline, he follows canon pretty closely until his 6th year. Dumbledore accuses him of murder and assualt towards the various Hogwarts students and he is sent to Azkaban.

Fate doesn't like this. So when Harry is killed by Death Eaters storming Azkaban, he is offered a chance at a new life. A redo. He takes it.

So now HJP#1 is in a new dimension at age 12. He's kinda pissed at this point. He goes through Hogwarts and rescues Sirius. The two then begin a very illegal liasion together and are quite happy about it. HJP#1 also continues on to kill both Dumbledore AND Voldemort in this dimenision. He then accepts Lucius Malfoy as his consort. With Lucius's help, HJP#1 manages to completely overthrow the Ministry of Magic and replace everyone in it. All three then take a break and move to France. Of course, shit happens and Lucius and Sirius die in France. (sadness ;-;)

Then we have Harry James Potter #2. He lived what is considered the complete canon verse storyline. Except, he DOES die from the Avada Kedavra in the 7th book.

Fate at this point, is very upset that nothing is working out like she/he/it wants. So, she/he/it prepares again. HJP#2 is grabbed from the clutches of Death and flung backwards in time to the Maurder's Era in another alternate dimension.

And this time, to make sure something goes correct, Fate also grabs onto HJP#1. HJP#1 has nothing to lose since his lovers are dead now. So, he agrees to go along on the ride and protect his younger/alternate self. That makes this HJP#1's 3rd dimension.

And thus, we have HP crossed with HP crossed with HP. X3

In the story, HJP#1 is called Evan James Black, and HJP#2 is considered his brother and is called Harry Aryn Black, age 7.


‘Shit. I’m surrounded.’ Sirius watched the dark shapes of the demetors circle around him as he struggled to stay upright. Their cold onslaught was slowly weakening him and soon he wouldn’t be able to stay conscious.
“Expecto Patronum!” called a voice from behind him.
Sirius looked up and saw a large silver snake wind it’s way through the trees and attack the demetors, driving them back. Each time one tried to come forward and get to Sirius, the snake would curl protectively around him and drive it back. After just a few moments more of the snake’s presence, the hoard of demetors left.
“That should have taken care of them for a while. I hate demetors.” the voice said as it stepped into the clearing. It appeared to be a boy of seven or so.
“Who are you?” Sirius asked the kid. He couldn’t believe a seven year old child could cast a Patronus that strong.
“My name is Harry. I live over there.” He made a motion to the woods behind him. “And you are Sirius Black are you not?”
Sirius was dumb stuck. “WHAT ARE YOU!?!” He pointed his wand at Harry and prepared to cast a very powerful hex.
Harry cocked his head and Sirius saw a glimmer of metal in his hair. “An ally.” His green eyes studied Sirius and the older teen was about to hex him and deal with the consequences later. “Come.”
The word startled Sirius and he almost hexed the boy out of surprise.
“You can come and meet onii-san. Then you can floo back to London and your friends. The forest doesn’t like visitors all that much.”
“How do I know I can trust you?” Sirius asked. “No child can conjure a Patronus. It’s too advanced.”
The dark haired boy just started at him before turning around and walking away. “I am not a child, that is true. It is also true that the forest does not like visitors, so if I were you, I would follow me.”
Sirius looked after the strange child before lowering his wand with a sigh and chasing after him. ‘I am going to end up hexing myself for this later. I can just tell.’ He said to himself as he struggled to keep up with Harry.

“We’re here.” Harry said as he stopped on front of intricately wrought wicker gate.
“Isn’t it a bad idea to have such a weak gate?” Sirius said before he could stop him self.
Harry smiled and motioned to the wicker gate. “This? Give it your best shot.” He smirked.
‘Okay, the kid is going down.’ Sirius walked forward and tried to grab the bars and bend them, but instead of breaking like he thought they would, the bars started to burn his hands the longer he held on. He swore when his skin got so hot he had to let go. “Gate, get ready to go down.” he whispered under his breath as he lifted his leg and kicked the gate as hard as he could.
Sirius was still cursing and hopping around with his leg in the air when he heard laughter. He looked over and saw Harry covering his mouth with his hand. “Fine.” Sirius pulled his wand and whispered the slashing curse and waited to see the gate crumble. Only it didn’t, his spell came back at him even faster than he had sent it. “Oh shi-”
Sirius was hurled to the ground as he saw Harry stand in front of him and take the brunt of the attack. “Sorry about that, the gate thought you got a bit full of yourself.” He extended his hand and Sirius took it gingerly and hauled himself up, trying not to wince. “Let me see.” He pulled Sirius’s hand forward before the man could object and looked at his palm. Some of the skin was peeling and most of it was an angry red color.
Harry frowned. “We have an herb inside which will help with that.” He ripped a part of his cloak and wrapped Sirius’s hand neatly before turning back to the gate.
“Artemis, may we pass please?”
Sirius was about to ask why he was talking to a gate, when the doors swung open of their own accord.
“Do you see the weavings?” Harry said as he paused inside the gate. Sirius nodded as he noticed patterns woven in the wicker he had not noticed before. “They are Celtic symbols. They are what give the gate it’s powers and personality.
“Ah.” Sirius just nodded as he looked at the gates again. ‘They symbols would be awesome for some pranks. I wonder if the kid has a book of them inside?’ Sirius followed the kid up a stone to a medium sized cottage of sorts.
“Onii-san!!” Harry yelled out as he ran the last few steps and entered a stone archway. “Onii-san! We have a visitor!”
Sirius walked slowly up to the archway and peered inside. Seeing nothing he started to step forward. Just before he put his foot down though, he ran his eyes over the side of the archway. Seeing none of the woven symbols, he finished his step and walked inside.


In this story, Harry is also somewhat of a mini-prophet. This comes from his dying and being dragged back to life so abruptly. He is inevitably tied to the forces of Death and Time now.

Several chapters on, Harry takes the Hogwarts Express with Evan (as the teen was offered a place in Hogwarts after Sirius leaves). James meets Harry for the 1st time and they all have a laugh about how Sirius met them. Remus gains Harry's adoration. Evan stomps in upset about bloody Slytherins not letting him past into the stupid cars. Lucius pops into see the teen who had been asking for him. 'Tis great.

Several months after they reach the school, Harry is given an aging potion so his body ages to 13.

I think it will turn into a Remus/Harry and Evan/Lucius. But I may change everything around by the time I finish up some more chapters.

Overall, I really like this idea, and it's so random and swiss-cheese-like that it'll be fun to write. It'll most likely go up on my LJ and FFN accounts. Eventially....

Comments? Love/Hate?
All opinions are welcome (except for the 'ur so stoopid. y r u riting tis sh!t.' kind).